Want to get more involved with the band program? There are many upcoming opportunities that are vital to the band program. It is not possible to keep our program running efficiently without the help of our wonderful band parent volunteers! Contact us at tonkabandboosters@gmail.com or let band directors Miles Mortenson or Paul Rosen if you are interested.

Restaurant Fundraiser Coordinator. Contact area restaurants and schedule 2-3 restaurant fundraisers per year. Point person for Maynard’s Night. Part of Fundraising Committee. (Time Commitment: 5 hours/year.)

Instrument Consignment Sale Coordinator. Manage our yearly consignment sale. Work with Band Staff, Volunteer Coordinator, Social Media Lead and volunteers to prep, advertise and run the sale.

SNAP Fundraising Prize Coordinator. Work with SNAP fundraising administrator to coordinate a selection of prizes for top fundraising earners. (Time Commitment: 6 hours/year.)

Social Media & Newsletter Lead. Promote Minnetonka Band Program via Facebook, Twitter and bimonthly newsletters. Coordinator electronic flyers posted to Peachjar. Prepare press releases as needed. Work with Historian and Graphic Designer. Part of Public Relations Committee. (Time Commitment: 2-4 hours/month.)

Website Manager. Maintain existing website (currently WordPress). Part of Public Relations Committee. (Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/month.)

Graphic Designer. Design and oversee production of newsletter, show programs, posters and brochures. Design apparel, including marching band shirt. Current graphic designer uses Adobe products. Work with Social Media & Newsletter Lead, Website Manager and Historian. Part of Public Relations Committee. (Time Commitment: varies.)

Historian. Responsible for documenting history of the band program including photos, lists of members, copies of programs, etc. Maintain/update display cases. Work with Public Relations Committee. (Time Commitment: 2 hours/month.)

Photographer. Photograph marching band competitions and football games, band concerts and performances. Edit photos and post them on the Band Boosters Flickr and Shutterfly sites. (Time Commitment: varies.)

Video Photographer. Video record marching band competitions and football games, band concerts and performances. Prep the videos and post them on the Band Boosters YouTube channel. (Time Commitment: varies.)

On-site Volunteer Coordinator. Manage volunteers at marching band competitions and football games. Confirm times that volunteers need to be present with Prop/Equipment Manager and Directors. Make sure that volunteers for the events know when and where they need to be. Ensure that volunteers know their tasks and whom they are reporting to.

Product Sales/Apparel. Responsible for compiling and placing orders and distributing items. Assist marching band section leaders with section shirt orders.