Greenery Sale Fundraiser



Minnetonka Band, Choir and Orchestra are teaming up to sponsor the Greenery Sale again this year. All wreaths, garlands and swags are made of high-quality fresh balsam fir or cedar by North Country Wreath. Hundreds of parents, neighbors and friends rely on the Greenery Sale for their holiday decorating.

Details here. Order forms here. Sample greenery images here.

Music Listening



Music Listening is a competition for students throughout the state of Minnesota. Teams of three students study musical pieces selected each year for the contest. Each year the contest has a featured composer, genre and type of ethnic music. This year’s featured themes are Brahms, Third Stream and Scandinavian music. The teams meet with Mr. Mortensen to study and prepare for the competition.

Check out the official Minnesota High School Music Listening Contest page.


Volunteer For Competitions, Football Games, Parades & More. As we begin our season there is a tremendous need for parent involvement to ensure our band members look and feel their best and all props and equipment make it to/from the field. Younger siblings can carry our banner in parades and football games plus help sell cookies at football games. We kindly ask each and every family to please peek at the sign ups and volunteer!

Sign up for competitions here

Sign up for football games, picture night, State Fair, Homecoming and Halloween parades here.




August 2. Marching Band Uniform Fitting at MHS
August 3. Potluck Dinner at MHS
August 7 – 13. Marching Band Camp at Koinonia Retreat Center
August 24. Football Kickoff at MHS
August 25. Band Pictures at MHS
August 29. State Fair Parade

See the Calendar page for more details.



The marching band is one of Minnetonka High School’s most exciting and vital organizations. It’s a large, spirited, and close-knit group of dedicated student musicians who take great pride in their artistic performance and competitive achievement.

Each and every member plays a crucial role in the success of the band. There aren’t starters and backups. Everyone plays. It’s a supportive and inclusive ensemble that works to make sure everyone reaches their potential. And they have a great time in the process.

Looking to do something musical, challenging and fun? Marching band is for you. Become a proud part of an award-winning tradition of excellence. Make lots of great friends. Develop your talent. Accomplish something awesome.

June 14-16. Kickoff
June 17. New member registration deadline
July 19-21. Drumline/colorguard minicamp
July 19 and 21. Fun and Fundamentals (all members)
July 25. Rehearsals begin
August 7-13. Band camp at Koinonia
August 29. State Fair parade
September through October. Two rehearsals a week – 3 hours each. Six Saturday competitions. Half-time show at home football games.

For the complete calendar, click here.

banquet band

Be a Band Booster!



MUSIC MAKES A DIFFERENCE! And the Minnetonka Band Boosters are dedicated to the support and promotion of the entire band program in their pursuit of musical excellence at Minnetonka High School.

The boosters provide a wide variety of much needed services.

Money we raise is used to hire guest artists, bands, conductors and instructors; it purchases music, instruments and equipment; and it provides scholarships for all-state students, travel study participants, marching band campers and more.

We produce printed and online promotional materials. We help out at concerts, competitions, football games and parades – with everything from maintaining uniforms to hauling equipment to providing refreshments. We also organize banquets and other social events.

Our meetings are held from late summer through the school year. Come help us plan and organize another exciting year for our students! Click here to download the membership form.

Kowalski’s Groceries For Good Causes



The Minnetonka Band Boosters are part of Kowalski’s Groceries For Good Causes program.

1. Minnetonka Band Boosters has a labelled container on the Groceries For Good Causes board located near the main exit of Kowalski’s Excelsior Market, 440 Water Street.
2. Any time you make a purchase, slip the receipt into the container.
3. Each quarter, Kowalski’s Markets will make a donation to the Minnetonka Band Boosters based upon the number of receipts collected. It is NOT based upon dollars spent.

Be sure to check it out and tell your friends and family. Kowalski’s has many options for busy families such as salad, made to order pasta & soup bars, grab & go hot foods, and a Starbucks. This is an easy way for anyone you know to help support the Minnetonka Band Boosters!