Holiday Wreath & Greenery Sale


nc.wreath1077x419Music Department Wreath Sale. Band Students can fundraise for future travel study trips by selling greenery during the annual Music Department Wreath Sale. All wreaths, garlands and swags are of the highest quality and are made of fresh balsam fir or cedar by North Country Wreaths in Duluth. Completed orders with payment are due October 24th. To view or print out the order form click here. And you can find the information sheet here.

Greenery will be delivered to MHS for pickup November 16-17 at the MHS loading dock. Sign up to help with unloading and distribution with this SignUpGenius link.

A 4-color sales flyer depicting some of the items can be found here. Please note that this flyer only shows the basic balsam items offered — our music department actually purchases additional premium-grade items which are made with a mixture of balsam fir, cedar and pine. You should refer to the order form for the exact selection of items being sold. For example, the arch and swag will be made with mixed greenery, not just balsam. The garland, balsam wreath and mailbox swag will be made as shown on the sales flyer. The mixed or all-cedar wreaths are not shown on the sales flyer.

Kowalski’s Groceries For Good Causes



The Minnetonka Band Boosters are part of Kowalski’s Groceries For Good Causes program.

1. Minnetonka Band Boosters has a labelled container on the Groceries For Good Causes board located near the main exit of Kowalski’s Excelsior Market, 440 Water Street.
2. Any time you make a purchase, slip the receipt into the container.
3. Each quarter, Kowalski’s Markets will make a donation to the Minnetonka Band Boosters based upon the number of receipts collected. It is NOT based upon dollars spent.

Be sure to check it out and tell your friends and family. Kowalski’s has many options for busy families such as salad, made to order pasta & soup bars, grab & go hot foods, and a Starbucks. This is an easy way for anyone you know to help support the Minnetonka Band Boosters!